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Investing in Food and Drink Entrepreneurs with Nick Freshman

A Dose of Your Future, september 2019

Nick Freshman, founder of Mothersauce Partners and owner of Spider Kelly's joined us to discuss venture capital and the hospitality industry and what the future of the restaurant industry looks like. Mothersauce Partners is supporting the next generation of food and drink entrepreneurs with venture capital and advisory services.


From Creative Writing Major to Restauranteur & VC w/ Nick Freshman, Mothersauce Partners

Time 4 Coffee with Andrea Koppel, June 2019

Nick Freshman is the founder of Mothersauce Partners, a venture capital funded ecosystem for the food and beverage industry. Mothersauce Partners aggressively shortens the traditional timeline to achieve profit for food and drink concepts by bringing to bear experience, connections and a suite of services that is largely absent in investing.